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片名 游戏的欲望 Impudicizia (1991)
导演: Pasquale Fanetti
主演: Malù
类型: 剧情
格式 AVI
大小 697M
制片国家/地区: 意大利
语言: 意大利语
上映日期: 1991
片长: 84分钟(BT版)
IMDb链接: tt0210751

Description: Florence is the unsatisfied wife of a museum director. A worthless his attempts to seduce even in situations outside of the ordinary (one day before him naked in the middle of antiquities). Moreover, the man decided to adopt a boy who, whenever he gets the chance, try to spy on the new mother naked. To resolve the problem we think the maid of the woman who convinced the lady to grant her attentions to other men.

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