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原名 A.K.A: Zoku jitsuroku onna kanbetsusho
英文名 True Story of a Woman in Jail Continues.1975
IMDB链接 LINK: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0229076/
主演 Cast: Hitomi Kozue, Machiko Aoki, Mihoko Arikawa, Kumi Natsuki
导演 Directed: Kôyû Ohara
内容 Genre: Drama | Pinku 情色 三级 暴力
格式 File Format: AVI
大小 Size         707.23 MB
片长 Runtime: 1hr 10mn
国家 Country: Japan
语言 Language: Japanese
字幕 Subtitles: ENGLISH .idx.sub  外挂英文

剧情 Plot:
This shocking sequel to TRUE STORY OF A WOMAN IN JAIL: SEX HELL, Mayumi (the tough inmate from the first film) emerges from solitary confinement to find an all-new gang of bullies picking on a meek, young female prisoner. Mayumi is now a much harder soul who takes no attitude from anyone, and she turns savage when the poor girl is enslaved by Yakuza! No one is safe as Mayumi takes down the entire jail in a sudden act of violent carnage.

Nikkatsu turns the women-in-prison genre on its head yet again with TRUE STORY OF A WOMAN IN JAIL: CONTINUES. If you thought the first film was brutal, wait till you see what’s in store here! Bath house attacks, lesbian sex scenes, rapist prison guards, violent abortions and even a transgender inmate add to the exploitation fun!

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