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原名 A.K.A: Erosu gakuen: Kando batsugun  /Erotic Campus: Rape Reception
英文名 Eros School Feels So Good.1977
格式 File Format: AVI
大小 Size         707.15 MB
IMDB链接 LINK: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0285553/
主演 Cast: Jun Aki, Tatsuya Hamaguchi, Tsutomu Hori, Wataru Ishibashi
导演 Directed: Koretsugu Kurahara
内容 Genre: Comedy | Erotic 情色
片长 Runtime: 1hr 6mn
国家 Country: Japan
语言 Language: Japanese
字幕 Subtitles: ENGLISH .idx.sub 外挂英文字幕

剧情简介 Plot:
Possibly one of the most controversial and offensive Nikkatsu films ever made. Ryu (Murakuni Shôhei), a sinister transfer student with a dark past, sexually assaults his way through his nubile female classmates to his ultimate conquest, the leggy athletic champ and class president Misa (Asami Ogawa). Tadao, a fellow classmate, is also in love with Misa and wants to take her virginity for himself. The big Eros High School track meet is happening soon. Will these two boys ruin her chance of winning? What strange secret is Misa hiding from everyone? Why is Ryu prancing around in a banana hammock with a pet pig?

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