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Summer time 愛的色放[金智賢限制級](MKV@2空@英字)

Title: Summertime
AKA: Summer Time
Revised romanization: Sseommeotaim
Hangul: 썸머타임
Genre: Drama | Melodrama | Romance
Director: Jae-ho Park
Writer: Jeong-hak Lee
Release Date: May 26, 2001
Runtime: 104 min.
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea
Subtitles: English

Kim Ji-Hyeon – Hie-ran
Choi Cheol-Ho – Tae-yeol
Ryu Su-Yeong – Sang-ho
Song Ok-Suk – Ki-wok
Jeong-yun Bae – Young-mi
Choi Seong-Min
Yun Yeong-Keol
Jang Seong-Won
Kim Seon-Hwa
Lee Seung-Hun
Ahn Byeong-Kyeong
Park Hoon-Jung – kid in playground

In the dark ‘80s, Sang-ho is wanted by the authorities for participating in the student movement. He ends up in a town he has no connections to, hiding on the second floor of a worn down wooden house. One day, he discovers a hole looking into the room downstairs, and he happens to see Hee-ran. Every gesture she makes is captivating and seductive. He watches her body, feels her, and takes her into his heart. She lives a confined life, like Sang-ho. Her husband locks the door from the outside when he goes to work. Then, one day, he drops his keys on his way out. Sang-ho hesitates before he uses them to go in, but when he does, he sees her lying face down in the same position she usually is in while engaged in sex with her husband. Sang-ho approaches her. He caresses her the same way her husband does, and she receives him out of habit. Then one day, he does not caress her like he usually does. Thinking it strange, Hee-ran turns around. The gaze of the two crisscross heatedly. Sang-ho guiltily hangs his head when Hee-ran strokes his face tenderly. They share a powerful and passionate kiss…


◎譯  名 愛的色放
◎片  名 Summer time
◎年  代 2001
◎國  家 韓國
◎類  別 劇情
◎語  言 韓語
◎字  幕 英文字幕
◎文件格式 mkv
◎文件大小 1.37GB
◎片  長 104分鍾
◎導  演 樸在浩
金智賢Ji-hyeon Kim ….Hie-ran
柳秀榮Su-yeong Ryu ….Sang-ho
崔哲浩Cheol-ho Choi ….Tae-yeol
宋玉淑Wok-suk Song ….Ki-wok

◎簡  介


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