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Daydream 白日夢(1964)[日本限制級](AVI@2空@英字)

Also Known As:
Day-Dream (USA)
Träume im Zwielicht (West Germany)

Year: 1964
Country: Japan
Genres: pinku eiga
Director: Tetsuji Takechi, Joseph Green
Cast:  Kanako Michi, Akira Ishihama, Chojuro Hanakawa, Yasuko Matsui

Plot: Hakujitsumu (Day-Dream) is a 1964 Japanese Pink film. The first to have a big budget and a mainstream release in Japan, it was shown at the Venice Film Festival and given two releases in the United States. Director Tetsuji Takechi remade the film in hardcore versions in 1981 and 1987. Both of these remakes starred actress Kyoko Aizome.

The story is loosely based on a 1926 short story. The film opens as an artist and a young woman are in a dentist’s waiting room. Though he is attracted to the woman, he says nothing to her. They are later in the same examining room. When the artist is given an anaesthetic, he begins to imagine a series of scenes in which the woman undergoes various forms of sexual abuse at the hand of the dentist, including bondage, rape and torture.

Today Daydream retains a high reputation among Pink films. The Scarecrow Video Movie Guide calls Daydream an “extraodinary little film” which, by stimulating the Pink film genre, “changed Japanese films forever.”

片名:白日夢 (1964)
英文名:Daydream / Hakujitsumu (1964)
导演: 武智铁二
编剧: 武智铁二 / 谷崎润一郎
主演: 路加奈子 / 石浜朗 / 松井康子
类型: 剧情 / 恐怖 / 奇幻
制片国家/地区: 日本
语言: 日语
上映日期: 1964-12-04
片长: USA: 92 分钟
又名: Daydream / 白昼夢
IMDb链接: tt0058173

剧情简介   · · · · · ·
流行女歌手叶室千枝子(路加奈子 饰)和青年画家仓桥(石浜朗 饰)一同来看牙医。诊所的肃穆气氛让千枝子愈加紧张害怕,而她的紧张情绪也影响到了仓桥。在将二人麻醉之后,牙医(花川蝶十郎 饰)和护士(松井康子 饰)露出了狰狞的面目,千枝子和仓桥也由此进入一个亦真亦幻的诡异世界……

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