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Dogtooth 狗牙[希臘限制級](MP4@2空@中字)

Dogtooth (2009)

Giorgos Lanthimos
Giorgos Lanthimos, Efthymis Filippou
Christos Stergioglou, Michele Valley and Aggeliki Papoulia | See full cast and crew

A far reach from the Jules Dassin/Melina Merkouri axis of a generation ago, this erotic horror film shows a dark side of rural Greece, with a Hitchcockian logic that could make it someday a candidate for a re-make, tying up several loose ends. The insane world the father creates for his teenage family falls apart when the daughters discover sex, the trade-off being a jar of hair jell. His wife goes along, and if anything, is further beyond any limits than he. One hopes for the girls’ canines (dogteeth), to appear, with their prophesy of escape. The younger daughter’s primal dancing suggests an much earlier Greek paganism, though in general the games they play have a disconcertingly modern and innocuous feel. George Cosmatos had a script about a crazy family in a similar setting, ending with their hacking each other to death. This film doesn’t go that far and works within its own setting. The father is played outwardly straight, with a hair-trigger temper. I was hoping to hear a click of the latch on the trunk of his Mercedes, when he goes through the door of the factory to his day job. It never came.

◎片  名 Kynodontas | Dogtooth
◎译  名 狗牙/犬齿之家
◎年  代 2009
◎国  家 希腊
◎类  别 剧情
◎语  言 希腊语
◎片  长 97分钟
[有 無碼]:三级
◎IMDB评分  7.2/10 (15,947 votes)
◎IMDB链接  http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1379182/
◎导  演 欧格斯·兰斯莫斯 Yorgos Lanthimos
◎主  演 Mary Tsoni  ….Younger Daughter
Aggeliki Papoulia  ….Older Daughter
Michelle Valley  ….Mother
Anna Kalaitzidou  ….Christina
Christos Stergioglou  ….Father
Hristos Passalis  ….Son





从小到大,三兄妹住在围墙之内的美丽别墅,从未踏出一步。他们活在被建构的完美世界里,像是外星人,只绕着父母的逻辑旋转。父亲请来公司女职员,固定与 儿子做爱,只是没料到她还私下传授性知识,搅乱平衡的家庭关系……全片充满怪诞、荒谬与人性的扭曲,让人从冷笑渐渐转为恐惧,戛纳电影节首映引发全场极大 争议。

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