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Zombie Sexy Girl 性感僵尸女孩[18+泰国劇情]([email protected]空@无字)

原名 ซอมบี้สาว เซ็กส์สยอง
英文名: Zombie Sexy Girl (2010)
国家 泰国 Thailand
内容 erotic 情色
格式: MP4
片长: 1 hour 19 mins
大小 Size 754.96 MB
导演 Director:
Sarawuth Intharaprom
主演  Cast:
Kemika Kittitanapat, Kanusnun Boonnual

剧情 Plot Synopsis
Duan, who is a nurse, finds out that her own sister has been having an affair with her husband. In order to get her husband for herself, Duan turns her sister into a zombie by injecting a drug.
However, her husband doesn’t mind having sex with her zombie sister, but he gets bitten and also turns into a zombie. Duan now has 2 zombies to take care of and she also doesn’t seems to mind having sex with her zombie boyfriend.
Duan,她是一个护士,有一天发现自己的丈夫和自己的亲妹妹勾搭成奸。为了重新夺回丈夫的爱,Duan 开始给自己的妹妹注射让她变成僵尸的药物。然而,自己的丈夫并不介意和变成僵尸的小姨子做爱,并且因此被咬,她的丈夫也变成了僵尸。现在Duan有2个僵 尸要照顾了。但是她丝毫不介意和已经变成僵尸的丈夫做爱。

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