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Cream Lemon – Ami’s Diary 亚美的日记[日本限制級](AVI@2空@无字)

全名:奶油柠檬之亚美的日记 くりいむレモン 亜美の日記 (2005)
导演: 高橋巌
编剧: 岡野有紀
主演: 亜沙美 / 今田尚志 / 大槻修治 / 川屋せっちん / nao.
类型: 爱情 / 情色
官方网站: www.amg-films.jp/lemon
制片国家/地区: 日本
语言: 日语
上映日期: 2005-09-16(日本)
片长: 65分钟
又名: Kurimu Remon: Ami no Nikki / Cream Lemon – Ami’s Diary
剧情简介   · · · · · ·
【Based on comic books】
The Cream Lemon Video Series based on the popular manga of the same title, focusing on the forbidden love between brothers and sisters. 1st Title: Please tell me…am I a bad girl?
On her 18th birthday, Ami decides to meet her estranged father and brother. While searching for her father’s house, Ami is assaulted by thugs and is saved by Hiroshi who happened..

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