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Love & Loathing & Lulu & Ayano 无名的女孩们[日本限制級](MKV@2空@无字)

英文名Love & Loathing & Lulu & Ayano
又名 Romaji: Namae no nai onna-tachi
原名 Japanese: 名前のない女たち
内容 Genre: Drama/Erotic 情色
导演 Director: Hisayasu Sato  佐藤寿保
日期 Release Date: September 4, 2010
片长 Runtime: 105 min.
公司 Production Company: Makotoya
语言 Language: Japanese
国家 Country: Japan

主演 Cast:
Norie Yasui, Mayu Sakuma, Hirofumi Arai,Makiko Watanabe          安井纪绘        佐久间麻由        鸟肌实

剧情 Plot:

Wouldn’t it be fun if you could become someone else?!

Her hobbies are reading and taking a walk in the park. Junko, a 22-year-old office clerk who lives a dull life under her mother’s thumb, gets recruited by a scout on the streets of Shibuya. “Are you enjoying life? Wouldn’t it be fun if you could become someone else?”

On the set of an adult film—. The male actors and the sex were scary and shocking, but it was refreshing and new. When Junko, with her stage name of Lulu, puts on a blond wig and wears an otaku costume, she feels like she’s become someone else. Working on the same set is Ayano, a former motorcycle gang member who struggles to control her bouts of rage while allowing her boyfriend to leech off her. For Ayano, Lulu is annoying and naïve but she can’t stop herself from worrying about her.

When Lulu’s popularity increases, a fan starts stalking her, Junko’s co-workers at the company find out about her job as Lulu, and her agent plans to cast her in a gangbang film. A troubled Lulu finds herself walking to Ayano’s apartment… Then one day, a porn actress commits suicide. The harsh reality of the actresses that are dispensed once they lose popularity also hits Lulu. Lulu feels that she finally find a place she belongs to. But is it really the place she could be herself?

在拍摄现场,纯子觉得和男演员们拍床戏虽然吓人但挺新鲜的。艺名叫露露的她戴上金色的假发,穿上萌系少女服装,仿佛变成了另一个人。露露在片场认识 了同一事务所的前辈绫乃。绫乃曾经是个小太妹,性格与露露完全相反,但她却偏偏放不下这个不谙世情、罗里吧嗦的后辈。

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