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Police des moeurs 警察的道德[法国限制級](AVI@2空@无字)

片名 Title: Police mores
原名 Original title: Police des moeurs
年代 Year: 1987
内容 Genre: Erotic, Drama, Crime 情色
有 无码:无码
国家 Issued: France
片长 Duration: 1:21:04
格式 Format: AVI
大小 Size: 817Mb
导演 Directed by: Jean Ruzheron
主演 Starring: Wanda Mendres, Yves Zhufrua, Henri Poirier, Laure Sabarden, Michelle Duperrey, Pierre Oudrey, Laurence Savin, Renate Langer, Pierre Londish, Dominic Julen

影片介绍 About the film:
Young fashion model gets into the hands of the Mafia on Trade, “human beings”, where it is prepared to sell sheyhu.No Arab girl’s uncle goes to police morals, on whose behalf the actions of inspectors begin their Savary and Sophie Leclerc.

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