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Sin Sisters 2 狂野姊妹花 2[18+泰国劇情](MP4@FP@无字)

原名 ผู้หญิงห้าบาป 2
英文名: Sin Sisters 2 (2010)
国家 泰国 Thailand
内容 erotic 情色
格式: MP4
片长: 1 hour 44 mins
大小 Size 0.99 GB
导演 Director:
Sukit Narintr
主演  Rungrawee Barijindakul, Saruta Reungwiriya, Patchuda Panpipat

剧情 Plot Synopsis
Five attractive girls find themselves trapped in an unfamiliar place with a strange voice telling them that one of them has to sacrifice her life in a diabolical ritual. Struggling to survive, the girls need to reveal their sins and sexual experiences in order to satisfy the devilish voice.

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