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Fausto 5.0 佛斯托医生[西班牙限制級](MKV@2空@英字)

Title: Fausto 5.0
AKA: Faust 5.0
Year: 2001
Original title: Fausto 5.0
Runtime: 1 hour, 30 minutes
Country: Spain
Language: Spanish | English [dual audio]
Subtitles: English (MKV embed)
Genre: Horror | Drama

Director: Àlex Ollé | Isidro Ortiz | Carles Padrissa

Miguel Ángel Solá … Fausto
Eduard Fernández … Santos
Najwa Nimri … Julia
Raquel González … Margarita
Juan Fernández … Quiroga
Irene Montalà … Marta
Carmen Contreras … Anciana (as Carme Contreras)
Cristina Piaget … Mujer ojerosa
Pep Molina … Bielsa
Keke Creixems … Presentador
Leonel Valdés … Taxista 1
Pep Jové … Médico 1
Morgan Searcy … Médico 2
Josep Maria Ullod … Médico 3 (as Josep M. Ullod)
Motokazu Kawamura … Gerente Hotel

Plot / Synopsis

A doctor’s past comes back to haunt him in an unexpected way in this modern variation on the classic tale of Faust. Dr. Fausto is a respected oncologist whose career has practically taken over his life; he has no wife or children, and he’s barely aware of the fact his beautiful assistant Julia is obviously in love with him. One day, Fausto finds himself so overwhelmed with his wildly stressful career that he begins pondering suicide as he waits for a train, only to be interrupted by Julia, who brings him the briefcase he left at his office. After boarding his train, the distraught Faust encounters Santos Vella, who introduces himself as one of Fausto’s former patients; after Fausto removed his stomach and informed him that he had but three months to live, Vella opted to stop seeing doctors and ignore their advice – and he says he’s been feeling fine ever since. Despite Vella’s contemptuous attitude towards modern medicine, he is both friendly and grateful to Fausto, and insists on giving the doctor a ride after a taxi breakdown leaves Fausto stranded. From then on, Fausto finds he can’t get rid of his new friend, no matter how hard he tries – everywhere he goes, Vella is close behind, and when Fausto declares that he needs female companionship instead, Vella arranges for Fausto to spend the evening with Marta, a prostitute who proves to be similarly unavoidable. Fausto 5.0 was the first motion picture directed and produced by members of La Fura, an acclaimed Spanish theater troupe. ~ Mark Deming, Allrovi
片名:佛斯托医生 Fausto 5.0 (2001)
导演: Álex Ollé / Isidro Ortiz
类型: 剧情 / 恐怖 /情色
制片国家/地区: 西班牙
语言: 加泰罗尼亚语 / Cheyenne / 西班牙语
上映日期: 2001-08-30
片长: 93 分钟 / Argentina: 94 分钟(Mar del Plata Film Festival)
IMDb链接: tt0299873
剧情简介   · · · · · ·
八年前,外科医生佛斯托切掉了病人桑托斯的胃,并且断言,病人只能活三个月。结果,桑托斯不但活了八年,还身强力壮,没病没痛,在他身上看不到一点死 神的影子。桑托斯凭白无故地失去了一只胃,他不甘心,他要报复,所以,佛斯托一来到他所在的城市,他就开始对佛斯托施行报复。

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