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Red Passion 红色激情[意大利限制級](AVI@2空@无字)

片名:Red Passion (CENSORED/2006)
国家 Issued: Italy
片长 Duration: 1:32:54
格式 Format: AVI
大小 Size: 703 MB
内容 Genre: Erotic 情色
有 无码:无码
导演 Directed by: Antonio Adamo as D’Salvo
主演 Starring: Claudia Ferrari, Maria Bellucci, Katy Caro, Lara Stevens, Tera Bond

影片介绍 About the film:
Alice – a computer analyst, and her husband Patrick Ronin – an engineer, living “happily” married! Their life is like a safe haven – every day they both went to work and back. But only one morning changed life Ellis and Patrick! Alice, as usual, in the morning to go to work … out of the pedestrian crossing, came to a traffic light to Naha button ……….. and here he is, the man of her dreams – Michael Lines – Financial Broker. Young people tied a whirlwind romance. Michael Ellis makes you feel what it is before I met him, and could not have dreamed! The man began to Ellis everything in the world! In turn, Michael adored her! A long time thinking, Alice, tired straddle recognized Patrick that she has another man. She packed up and came to Michael. In the home of her beloved, she had a surprise – Michael’s sister Lucia. Soon she meets with her best friend, Ursula, to share their happiness, and finds out that she is currently dating her ex-husband – Patrick. Alice and Michael are getting married! But the happiness did not last two … Alice has been receiving anonymous letters that Michael was unfaithful! It turns out that these letters would send her husband’s sister, Lucia, who was jealous of his brother to all …

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