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Mes chères études 我亲爱的课程[法国限制級](AVI@英字)

Title: Student Services
Year: 2010
Original title: Mes chères études
Runtime: 1 hour, 47 minutes
Country: France
Language: French
Subtitles: English | Spanish (.sub/.idx)
Genre: Drama

Director: Emmanuelle Bercot

Déborah François … Laura
Mathieu Demy … Benjamin
Alain Cauchi … Joe
Benjamin Siksou … Manu
Anna Sigalevitch … Fanny
Marc Chapiteau … Le Photographe

Plot / Synopsis

A cash strapped college student goes to work as an escort in order to make ends meet, only to realize that her education has taken a back seat to her budding career in the pleasure industry. In her struggle to stay financially stable during her first year at the university, 19 year old Laura discovers that a part-time job just won’t pay the bills. Then, just when Laura is at her most desperate, she sees an internet ad from a man who’s willing to pay £100 an hour to spend an intimate evening with a willing student. Compelled by the lure of some easy money, Laura answers the ad. Later, despite a promise to herself that this will be a once time occurrence, Laura finds herself falling into a new bed every night, and making more money than she ever thought possible. By the time Laura realizes she has stumbled into the downward spiral of prostitution, she begins to doubt her ability to break free from temptation, and finish her education. ~
[影片名稱]:我亲爱的课程 Mes chères études
[影片時間]: 1 hour, 47 minutes
[有 無碼]:(三级)
导演: 艾玛纽尔·贝克特
编剧: 艾玛纽尔·贝克特
主演: Déborah François / Mathieu Demy / Alain Cauchi
类型: 剧情
制片国家/地区: 法国
语言: 法语
上映日期: 2010-01-18
[影片簡介]:电视电影。由法国探索片女导演艾曼纽·贝尔科改编自发表于2008年因争议内容而引起全法关注的、署名为“劳拉·D小姐 Mademoiselle Laura D.” 的同名小说。 据这位“匿名”的巴黎大学现代语言专业的作者称,她不得不靠卖淫所得来支持她完成学业。19岁的大一女生劳拉Laura(德博拉·弗朗索瓦饰)一心要完成 自己的大学学业,而她极不稳定的收入甚至连吃饭都成了问题 。她想到了一个绝望的解决方法,被迫在一个晚上冒然地回应了互联网上的一则广告,57岁的若埃Joe(阿兰·科西饰)以一小时100欧元招标女学生。三天 后,劳拉与若埃在酒店做成了这笔交易——这只是劳拉卖肉周期的开始。金钱如此容易获得,使劳拉忘记了对这种“感情”的仇恨,而只知道往信封里装满钞票。接 着就一次又一次地……其实,劳拉知道她受伤的身体已经属于妓女之身了,也想过停止这种卖肉生活,但她又靠什么来支撑自己在巴黎的生活与学业呢?何 况跟她一样靠这种方法来挣钱上学的女生那么地多……

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