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Dark Confessions 坠狱淫娃[捷克限制級]([email protected]空@无字)

片名 Title: Dark Confessions
又名 AKA: Chained Heat III: No Holds Barred
年代 Year: 2000
原名 Original title: Dark Confessions
片长 Runtime: 1 hour 31 minutes
国家 Country: Czech Republic | Canada
语言 Language: English
字幕 Subtitles: None
内容 Genre: Action | Drama | Horror 情色
导演 Director: Lloyd A. Simandl
主演 Cast
Kate Rodger  …  Angeline
Rena Riffel  …  Erica
Lisha Snelgrove  …  Jennifer
Katerina Kornová  …  Baroness
Andrew McIlroy  …  Brother Benedict
Richard Toth  …  Ludwig
Petra Spindler  …  Anya (as Petra Kulik)
Tina Wiseman  …  Senora Verde (as Tina Leiu)
Eva Aichmajerová  …  Lili (as Eva Aichmajer)
Ljubo Tomanovic  …  Peter
Ladislav Horky  …  Chauffeur
Ludvik Macak  …  Old Man
Klara Hlouska  …  Wife (as Klara Hlousek)
Peter Falc  …  Italian Man
Vladimira Pitelova  …  Girl (as Vladka Kopal)

剧情 Plot / Synopsis
Two young women on a vacation in Europe get snagged by a dirty cop . They end up in a private club where the wealthy come to bid at high priced auctions for companions. The two girls turn on each other.
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