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片名 Jisshaban: Maicchingu machiko sensei
原名 AKA: まいっちんぐ マチコ先生
年代 Year: 2003
国家 Country: Japan
语言 Language: Japanese
字幕 Subtitles: No
片长 Play length: 01:15:04
格式 Container: AVI
内容 Genres: Comedy 情色
导演 Director: Minoru Kawasaki
主演 Cast: Kaori Nakatani, Megumi Asô, Shinnosuke Horiuchi, Tetsuya Inagawa, Daisuke Kusaka, Masakazu Migita, Kazuyoshi Miura, Eiji Shimamura

剧情 Plot: コミック・TVアニメでブームを巻き起こした「まいっちんぐマチコ先生」の実写版。キュートでグラマラスなマチコ先生の姿を描く。主演は、元スチュワーデスの人気アイドル・仲谷かおり。

The live action version based on the manga by Takeshi Ebihara; a wacky erotic comedy featuring glamorous school teacher Machiko. Starring Kaori Nakatani.

No subs on the disc and none found anywhere on the web. However, subs are not required to follow the simple plot and to enjoy the nice view of multiple sets of perky tits.

Ripped from a R2J disc; thanks and credit for making this movie available goes to the original uploader at ADC.

Included in the upload is a Making of extra which is equally entertaining.

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