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The Grandmaster 一代宗师[2013王家卫动作大片](MP4@2空@中字)

Also known as: The Grandmasters
Year: 2012
Country: Hong Kong
Directed by: Wong Kar-Wai
Duration: 2 hrs, 7 min
Language: Mandarin
Subtitles: Chinese (hardsubbed)

Tony Leung as Yip Man (Ye Wen)
Zhang Ziyi as Gong Er
Song Hye-kyo as Cheung Wing-sing (Zhang Yongcheng)
Chang Chen as Yixiantian
Zhao Benshan as Ding Lianshan
Wang Qingxiang as Gong Yutian
Zhang Jin as Ma San
Yuen Woo-ping as Chan Wah-shun (Chen Huashun)
Bruce Leung
Cung Le
Julian Cheung
Lo Mang

Foshan, Guangdong province, southern China, 1936. Ye Wen (Tony Leung Chiu-wai), aka Ip Man (in Cantonese), is a revered grandmaster of the Yong Chun, aka Wing Chun, school of martial arts, which he’s studied since the age of seven after being inducted as a pupil of Master Chen Huashun (Yuen Woo-ping). He has two children and a dutiful wife, Zhang Yongcheng (Song Hye-gyo), descended from a Qing foreign affairs minister, with whom he likes to visit the Golden Pavilion to hear music together. By 1936, as the country is facing turmoil, the Golden Pavilion has become a meeting-ground for notables and heroes. At a gathering organised by Gong Yutian (Wang Qingxiang), a grandmaster from Northeast China (then Japanese-occupied Manchuria) who wants to retire after one last fight and would like to unite the northern and southern styles of martial arts, a fight breaks out between the two sides, exacerbated by Master Gong’s protege Ma San (Max Zhang). Master Gong afterwards scolds Ma San for being hotheaded; but when the former then meets an old friend from the northeast, Ding Lianshan (Zhao Benshan), who moved south 30 years ago after an incident, it turns out that Master Gong also has a history of impulsiveness. Master Gong has brought along his 20-year-old daughter, Gong Ruomei (Zhang Ziyi), aka Gong Er, who does not want to see her father lose his record of never being beaten. After sparring with four fighters skilled in the northern Baguazhang and Xingyiquan styles, Ye Wen takes on Master Gong in a stylised encounter, from which the latter retires gracefully. Dissatisfied with the outcome, Ruomei invites Ye Wen to a banquet at the pavilion and faces off against him with her Sixty-Four Hands style. After a spark is lit between them, they part, but promise to meet again. In October 1938, Foshan falls to the Japanese and Ye Wen’s world is destroyed. Meanwhile, on a train in the north, Ruomei impulsively saves a wounded man, nicknamed Yi Xian Tian (Chang Chen), from capture by Japanese troops. By 1940, Ma San has sided with the Japanese. Shattered, Master Gong disinherits him but dies as a result. Ruomei returns home and, against the wishes of both her late father and the clan’s elders, vows vengeance. However, one clan member, the faithful Jiang (Shang Tielong), accompanies her on her quest for Ma San. By 1950, Ye Wen has arrived in Hong Kong, where he has opened a modest martial arts school. He visits Ruomei, who has also moved to the city. Still unmarried, and devoted to her father’s memory, she is tired, and has neither practised martial arts in years nor passed on her skills to any pupils. Two years later, Yi Xian Tian opens the White Rose Barber Shop in Hong Kong, and introduces the Bajiquan style to the territory.
片名:一代宗师 一代宗師 (2013)
导演: 王家卫
编剧: 邹静之 / 徐皓峰 / 王家卫
主演: 梁朝伟 / 章子怡 / 张震 / 宋慧乔 / 赵本山 / 小沈阳 / 王庆祥 / 张晋 / 卢海鹏 / 冯克安 / 刘家勇 / 张智霖 / 金士杰 / 徐锦江 / 刘洵
类型: 剧情 / 动作 / 传记
制片国家/地区: 中国大陆 / 香港
语言: 汉语普通话
上映日期: 2013-01-08(中国大陆) / 2013-01-10(香港)
片长: 130分钟
又名: The Grandmaster
IMDb链接: tt1462900
剧情简介   · · · · · ·
广东佛山人叶问(梁朝伟 饰),年少时家境优渥,师从咏春拳第三代传人陈华顺学习拳法,师傅“一条腰带一口气”的告诫,支持他走过兵荒马乱、朝代更迭的混乱年代。妻子张永成(宋慧乔 饰)泼辣干练,二人夫唱妇随,琴瑟合壁。
1936年,佛山武术界乱云激荡。八卦拳宗师宫羽田(王庆祥 饰)年事已高,承诺隐退。其所担任的中华武士会会长职位,自然引起武林高手的关注与觊觎。包括宫羽田的独生女宫二(章子怡 饰)在内,白猿马三(张晋 饰)、关东之鬼丁连山(赵本山 饰)、咏春叶问等高手无不将目光聚焦在正气凛然的宫羽田身上。拳有南北,国有南北乎?最有德行之人才堪会长重任,然这浮世虚名却引得无数迷乱之人狂醉奔 忙,浪掷残生。生逢乱世,儿女情长埋藏心底,被冷若寒冰的车轮碾作碎泥…

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