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Viciosas al desnudo 裸体凶器[西班牙限制級](AVI@2空@无字)

片名 Title: Vicious naked
年代 Year: 1980
原名 Original title: Viciosas al desnudo
片长 Runtime: 87 minutes
国家 Country: Spain
语言 Language: Spanish
字幕 Subtitles: None
内容 Genre: Drama
导演 Director: Manuel Esteba
主演 Cast
Jack Taylor … Juan Aznar
Adriana Vega … Hippie 1
Eva Lyberten … Hippie 2
Silvia Solar … María
Javier Garriga Prous … Representante de Juan (as Frank Garrik)

剧情 Plot / Synopsis
A successful writer, who deals in his books with today’s youth, is left alone at home because his wife goes to her parents house, with the children.
Two young ladies knock on the door, having suffered a car accident. The writer lets them in, and them complaining about the cold and the rain, they ask to take a hot bath.
When the writer takes them towels, they make him enter into the bathroom. Given the caresses of the young ladies, he ends making love to them.
In the morning, the writer urges them to leave his home, but they are no longer the nice girls from when they arrived, and laugh at him.
He gets them to leave, and goes to give a lecture on the morality of the youth, but when he returns, the young ladies have destroyed the house, high on drugs.
A tragic end is coming for everyone.

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