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The Mad Dog Killer 疯狗杀手[意大利限制級](MKV@2空@无字)

片名 Title: The Mad Dog Killer
又名 AKA: Beast with a Gun | Ferocious
年代 Year: 1977
原名 Original title: La belva col mitra
片长 Runtime: 1 hour 29 minutes
国家 Country: Italy
语言 Language: Italian | Spanish
字幕 Subtitles: None
内容 Genre: Crime | Drama | Thriller 情色
有 无码:无码
导演 Director: Sergio Grieco
主演 Cast
Helmut Berger  …  Nanni Vitali
Marisa Mell  …  Giuliana Caroli
Richard Harrison  …  Comm. Giulio Santini
Marina Giordana  …  Carla Santini
Luigi Bonos  …  Pappalardo (as Gigi Bonos)
Vittorio Duse  …  Giuliana Caroli’s father
Ezio Marano
Claudio Gora  …  Santini’s father
Alberto Squillante  …  Aldo ‘Bimbo’ Pacesi
Maria Pascucci
Nello Pazzafini  …  Pietro Caporali
Antonio Basile  …  Mario Portesi
Sergio Smacchi  …  Bruno Esposito
Rossana Bevilacqua

剧情 Plot / Synopsis
There’s nothing more terrifying than a Beast With a Gun, and when psychotic criminal Nanni Vitali (Helmut Berger) and three violent thugs stage a jailbreak, the streets will run red with blood in the final film from notorious director Sergio Grieco. Taking to the pavement in a horrific frenzy of rape, robbery, and revenge, Vitali seals his own grim fate when, in brutalizing a beautiful young woman, he catches the attention of a determined cop (Richard Harrison) bent on bringing the murderous madman to justice. As his relentless slide into darkness speeds to a furious race against death, Vitali seems determined to avoid going back into his cage even if it means going down in a hail of bullets and gunsmoke.
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