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Divine Emanuelle: Love Cult 圣洁的艾曼妞[德国限制級](AVI)

片名 Title: Cult Love
原名 The original title: Divine Emanuelle: Love Cult
国家 Issued: Germany
片长 Duration: 1:38:51
语言 Translation: English
格式 Format: AVI
大小 Size: 1.36G
年代 Year: 1981
内容 View: Thriller, Erotic 情色
有 无码:无码
导演 Director: Christian Anders
主演  Cast: 劳拉·贾姆瑟 Laura Gemser, Christian Anders, Simon Braman, Gabriele Tinti, Sasha Borysenko, Bob Barrows

影片介绍 About the movie:
在阳光明媚的海边小镇,一个名为“光之子”的邪教正在兴起,教主被称为圣女(Laura Gemser 劳拉·贾姆瑟 饰),身边有一个强壮彪悍的男人多利安(Christian Anders 饰)充当护卫。“光之子”宣扬自由主义,倡导信徒从社会教条中解放出来,并鼓励他们沉浸在自由而幸福的性爱之中。圣女周围的信徒不断增加,甚至连一些知名 人士也加入进来。
Young daughter of a U.S. senator is involved in a sect professing free love, hippie akin called “Children of the World” when her blond lover lost his head from the beauty of the High Priestess Emmanuel. It serves as a beautiful oriental woman. That’s just in spite of “free love” life lost in the jungle camp of the sect are not free. All subject to the will of the High Priestess. It determines whom, when and with whom to share a bed, she chooses lovers and lyubovnits.Maleyshie faults severely punished – at best cruel whippings in front of other members of the sect, in the worst …

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