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Uniform Virgin: The Prey 制服处女:猎物[日本限制級](MKV@2空@英字)

片名:Uniform Virgin: The Prey
又名 AKA: 制服処女 ザ・えじき
Seifuku shojo: the ejiki
Baku, baku…
语言 Language: Japanese
字幕 Subtitles: English (srt)
片长 Play length: 01:06:56
格式 Container: MKV
年代 Year: 1986
国家 Country: Japan
内容 Genres: pinku 情色
导演 Director: Hisayasu Sato
主演 Cast: Taketoshi Watari, Hiromi Kurita, Megumi Hayase, Yoko Aimoto

剧情 Plot: Despite his reputation as the Paul Morrissey of “pink” films, concerned as he was with the effects of urban alienation on the disenfranchised members of society, cult softcore director Hisayasu Sato was not above the occasional foray into all-out sleaze. This viciously sadistic tale of an orgy of rape and violence in a Japanese high school, scripted by co-star Taketoshi Watari, pushes the brutality envelope a bit far even for Sato, without any of the redeeming characterizations or social observations seen in his usual work. Hiromi Kurita, Megumi Hayase, and Yoko Aimoto are along for the distasteful ride.

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