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Do It for Me 为我而做[西班牙限制級](MP4@2空@英字)

片名 Title: Do It for Me
年代 Year: 1998
原名 Original title: Hazlo por mí
片长 Runtime: 1 hour 27 minutes
国家 Country: Spain
语言 Language: Spanish
字幕 Subtitles: English (hardcoded)
内容 Genre: Drama | Thriller 情色
导演 Director: Ángel Fernández Santos
主演 Cast
Cayetana Guillén Cuervo  …  Isabel Velasco
Carlos Hipólito  …  Andrés Uriarte
Nancho Novo  …  Paco Reine
Eulalia Ramón  …  Nuria Robles
José Velázquez  …  David
Txema Blasco  …  Antonio Robles
Concha Leza  …  Lola Robles
Laura Aparicio  …  Luisa
Fernando Marín  …  Comisario Ramos
Jorge Bosso  …  Miguel Castro
María Jesús Ruz  …  Pilar (as Mª Jesus Ruz)
Javier Lago  …  Tipo del bar de la carretera
José María Blanco  …  Cojo (as Jose Mª Blanco)
Claudio Pascual  …  Diseñador
Olga Hueso  …  Reporter

剧情 Plot / Synopsis
Upper-middle-class married father Andres takes the reins of the family business from his rich stepfather. Andres meets and sleeps with boutique clerk Isabel, who is involved with drug dealer Paco. Isabel needs money to pay off past debts, and after Andres becomes obsessed with her, she concocts a plan to kidnap his son David.
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