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Black Candles (1982) Los ritos sexuales del diablo

Title: Black Candles
AKA: Hot Fantasies | Naked Dreams
Year: 1982
Original title: Los ritos sexuales del diablo
Runtime: 1 hour, 24 minutes(uncut version)
Country: Spain
Language: English (dubbed)
Subtitles: Not Available
Genre: Horror

Director: José Ramón Larraz

Helga Liné … Fiona (as Martha Belton)
Vanessa Hidalgo … Carol (as Vanesa Ashley)
Jeffrey Healey
Christopher Bright (as Christopher Wright)
John McGrat
Betty Webster
Lucille Jameson
Fernando Valverde … Peter (as John Thomason)
Fred Pulver
Mauro Rivera … Robert (as Martin Ren)
Paul Kendall
Rose Wren
José Luis Barceló … Director de la compañía
Julia Caballero … Marta
Carmen Carrión … Georgiana
Anastasio de la Fuente
Alfred Lucchetti … John
César Varona … Max
Manuel Gómez-Álvarez … Sacerdote (uncredited)

Plot / Synopsis

This Eurohorror starts interestingly enough. A man has a heart attack whilst having sex, promted by a woman using a voodoo doll. His sister and her husband subsequently travel to England for the funeral, staying at her dead brother’s house with the widow. Slowly they get drawn into a devil worshiping cult, that seems to be more of an excuse to show lots of naked women than actual satanism. More of a pot boiler than a true horror, with a little of suspence. It’s a bit like the Stud or the Bitch, with some satanism thrown in for added spice, the film never really gets going, but does have a few stand out scenes.



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