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Matou a Familia e Foi ao Cinema 干掉全家看电影[巴西限制级](AVI@2空@无字)

片名 Title: Matou a Familia e Foi ao Cinema / Killed the Family and Went to the Movies
Street Date: 1991
内容 Category: Erotic Drama 情色
有 无码:无码
Runtime: 01;41;40
Country: Brazil
Languages: Portuguese
Video: DVDRip, AVI, 480×352, 851 kb/s
Size: 619 MB
Director: Neville de Almeida
Starring: Claudia Raia, Louise Cardoso, Alexandre Frota

早期的巴西“边缘电影”经典:在里约热内卢,23岁的地下电影人Júlio Bressane拍摄了其第二部长片作品《杀死家庭,看电影去》,这部仅用了12天就完成的电影成为“Cinema Marginal”中最经典的杰作之一,大量的手提式摄影,不规则的广角镜头,杂乱无序的剪辑以及好几个同时进行又完全独立的剧情,试验性的电影语言使其 成为“边缘电影”中最具创造力的作品之一,在其诞生22年之后,巴西重拍了这部经典地下电影的彩色…

In Rio de Janeiro, after an altercation with his father and mother, a young man named Bebeto kills his family and goes to a movie theater, where he watches four weird vignettes. The first one is about a wealthy woman, Márcia, bored with her marriage, who decides to spend a couple of days alone in her house in Petrópolis. When her best friend Renata unexpectedly arrives to stay with her, they get drunk and something tragic happens. The second one is about a loser who arrives home upset and drunk, and kills his family. The third one is about a tragic repressed lesbian relationship. The last one is about a man addicted to stealing women’s underwear.

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