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Gong Tau: An Oriental Black Magic 降头(完整版)[邵美琪限制級](MKV@2空@中英字)

Chinese: 降头 (Gong tau)
Director: Herman Yau
Writer: Herman Yau, Chun-Yue Lam
Producer: Dennis S.Y. Law, Herman Yau
Cinematographer: Kwong-hung Chan
Release Date: May 10, 2007
Runtime: 97 min.
Studio: China Star Entertainment
Distributor: China Star Entertainment
Country: Hong Kong
Screen Format : 16:9
Sound Mix : DTS, Dolby Digital 5.1
Source DVD Type : DVD-9
DVD Release Date: 2007-07-05
Language: Cantonese, Mandarin
Subtitles: English, Traditional Chinese
Genre: Horror, Crime, Supernatural

YesAsia Editorial Description
Gong Tau takes the audience back to an earlier time, when Hong Kong movies were gory, twisted, and enormously entertaining guilty pleasures. Mark Cheng (Election 2) stars in this Category III shocker as Rockman, a chiseled cop whose latest case may be the death of him. When a series of brutal cop killings occur, all signs point to Lam Chiu (Kenny Wong), a nasty perp who once took a bullet to the head from Rockman, and can no longer feel any pain. However, the deaths all carry signs of dark eastern mysticism, and when Rockman’s wife (Maggie Siu) becomes afflicted with unexplainable pain AND his infant son suddenly – and shockingly – dies in his home, Rockman knows something is up. His veteran partner Fat (Lam Suet) has the answer: “It’s Gong Tau.”

Bearing the same Chinese-language title as the 1975 Shaw Brothers shocker Black Magic, Gong Tau is a return of one of Hong Kong’s more unique movie genres. Director Herman Yau, auteur of the Category III classics The Untold Story and Ebola Syndrome, has plenty of fun with this shocking, sometimes darkly funny exercise in cinema excess. Over-the-top gore effects and images abound in Gong Tau. This film has it all: sex, revenge, brutal violence, twisted black magic, copious bodily fluids, and even a severed flying head complete with attached spinal cord! Not for the squeamish or faint of heart, Gong Tau is the perfect antidote to Hong Kong Cinema’s recent run of popstar vehicles, and a good bet for anyone looking for a little midnight movie madness.


Mark Cheng – Officer Rockman Cheung
Maggie Siu – Karpi
Suet Lam – Officer ‘Brother’ Sum
Tak-bun Wong – Lam Chiu
Yu Gu – Lockman
Shiu Hung Hui – Wah
Pauline Yam – Forensic Doctor
Jay Lau – Lily Chan
Hak On Fung – Master Clear Sea
Zi-Xuan Teng – Elli Lam
Loi Kwan Kam – Sai Keung
Wing-Hong Cheung – Kit
Ho Yan Sham – Sally
Kwun-hong Lee – Uncle Bill
Choriatee Algazaratanazin – Bad Guy
Surasak Likitaumpron – Dead Guy
Orrawan Boonsom – Go-Go Girl
Siriya Punsuwan – Go-Go Girl
Tittiya Leetasuantom – Go-Go Girl
Hathachanuk Lualsirichai – Go-Go Girl
Theerut Dunin – Go-Go Girl
Apinut Sunkicksa – Go-Go Girl
导演: 邱礼涛
编剧: 邱礼涛 / 林震宇
主演: 郑浩南 / 邵美琪 / 黄德斌 / 许绍雄 / 林雪 / 刘锦玲 / 古宇 / 滕子萱
类型: 恐怖 /情色
官方网站: http://www.gongtau.com/
制片国家/地区: 香港
语言: 粤语 / 汉语普通话 / 英语 / 泰语
上映日期: 2007-05-10
片长: Hong Kong: 97 分钟
又名: Gong tau / Gong Tau: An Oriental Black Magic
IMDb链接: tt1010012
剧情简介 :
重案组探员乐民(郑浩南 饰)赴泰国办案时结识流落风尘的钢管舞女郎阿丽(腾子萱 饰),两人迅速打得火热,乐民应承即日返来找她,却一直没有兑现承诺。一晃三年,发生警员被杀命案,警方锁定头号通缉犯林超(李德龄 饰),与此同时,乐民儿子离奇遇害,妻子嘉碧(邵美琪 饰)被吓得魂飞魄散,后又奇异症状缠身。腹背受敌的乐民与资深警探琛哥(林雪 饰)共同办案,经验丰富的琛哥怀疑一切是乐民在泰国欠下的桃花债种下的恶果,导致妻儿被人下了“降头”,乐民将信将疑之下,听琛哥指引找法师做法解决,不 曾想这让他的困境和林超案又有了关联……

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