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Queen Of Underworld 霞姐传奇[叶子楣限制級](AVI@2空@中英字)

Title: Queen Of Underworld
Artist Name(s): Gigi Lai (Actor) | Blackie Ko (Actor) | Pauline Chan | Shing Fui On | Sin Lap Man | Amy Yip | Hon Chun
Director: Huang Jing Hua
Release Date: 2003-11-18
Language: Cantonese, Mandarin
Subtitles: English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese
Country of Origin: Hong Kong

this is a story about Har Jay, a legend of Hong Kong’s underworld. Beautiful and brashy, she climbs from the lowest depths of the Hong Kong society to become the acclaimed queen of night life. Then she vanishes from the scene with a last burst of gory glory. Young Har Jay starts as a waitress in a low class restaurant. Like all young girls, she falls for handsome young men. One of them makes her pregnant. Determined to keep the baby by all means, Har Jay surrenders herself to police detective Guan who manages to silence the father. Har Jay marries Guan. She becomes the head hostess of a cabaret. She is famous for the way she trains inexperienced girl. But one of them wins Guan from her. In a rage, Har Jay castrates Guan ….
【影片演员】: 叶子楣      成奎安     单立文      黎 姿        陈宝莲      曹查理      柯受良    吕良伟    吴孟达

夜生活界的女强人王霞,少女时代为茶楼点心女郎,同事阿祥暗恋之,但霞喜美俊少年,为黑社会Alan仔所诱,堕落火坑,一面做应召女郎,一面与 Alan仔双宿双栖。其后霞怀孕,Alan仔竟迫之堕胎,且毒打之。霞决心离开Alan,终识一CID黐线光,乘机要光帮她,光利用私权,毒打Alan, 将之打成内伤,霞乃下嫁于光。霞改任妈妈生,培养一舞国红星宝珊,风情万种,不料却搭上了光,二人有了奸情,霞捉奸反被光绑起来毒打虐待,且打伤霞两岁小 女儿不悔,霞悲愤之余取剪刀冲向光……

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