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Naked in the 21st Century 裸在21世紀[美國限制級](AVI@2空@中字)

【影片片名】:裸在21世紀 (一刀未剪) [中文字幕]
【影片譯名】:Naked in the 21st Century (2005)
【平均評價】:★★★☆→ 3.4 顆星.  (IMDb評價)
【影片大小】:883 MB
【影片格式】:AVI    (DVD→轉制AVI)
【影片演員】:Athena Demos, Lena Yada, Christine Nguyen, Grayson Berry, Viet Huynh, Lea Downey, Lisa Ko, Tony T.L. Young, Douglas Dunning, Alix Agar, Gary B. Allan, Eliane Chappuis, Siu Wai Cheung, Christopher Vera Cruz, Cori-Anne Greenhouse.
【語種發音】:英語發音. 簡體中文字幕.
【影片片商】:聯合艾里9號製作. 盛佳影業發行.




Naked在21世紀 的紀錄片:天然主義之旅,通過比較和對比如何實行裸體運動,今天它是如何通過前幾代開發。該片還提供一個裸體電影製作,和裸體主義電影的回顧展,從20世紀到21世紀的發展,一起來看看。

【The Plot】:

T.L. Young is announcing his new movie, a feature film on nudism called The Naked Place. Inspired by the exploitation films of the 50s and 60s, this young auteur knows that a modern audience will be eager to view his mammary and man ass epic – only problem is, they don’t know it exists. Yet. So he decides to document the making of the movie, providing behind the scenes glimpses of the research that went into it and the overall audition process. When Amber, the manager of a modern nudist colony, hears that there are parts available, she decides to try out. Her boyfriend is less than understanding, but not because of the nakedness. He wonders if a post-millennial world is ready for films about followers of the flesh. As we learn the history of the naturalism movement and view some memorable backstage drama, Young just keeps on shilling. He wants to prove that, even in these decidedly Puritanical times, there is still a value in being Naked in the 21st.

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