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Joy in Love: Joy a Moscou 祖儿在莫斯科[法国限制級](AVI@2空@无字)

Title: Joy in Love: Joy a Moscou / Joy a Moscou
Street Date: 1992
Category: Erotic, Romance, Adventure 情色
Runtime: 01;31;33
Video: TVRip, AVI, 640×480, 1089 kb/s
Size: 713 MB
Country: France
Languages: French
Director: Jean-Yves Pavel
Starring: Zara Whites, Karla Klein, Angelique Biel

Fourth film about the adventures of Joy miniseries. Wanting to play in advertising on Red Square, Joy went to Moscow, where he met a taxi driver who call girls for underground structures, headed distant descendant of Rasputin. This sinister type of set up his headquarters in an abandoned theater, where he hypnotizes his victims before using their charms to entice wealthy tourists. Joy adventure ends with the help of Mark and her old friend Joan.
为拍摄一部广告,Joy飞去了莫斯科红场(Red Square)。刚到那儿,她遇见一位出租车司机欲招募年轻性感的女郎。事实上,这是由臭名昭著的Rasputin为首的特殊网络,它逼迫受害者用自己的魅力来满足富有游客的各种要求…

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