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The Underground Banker 香港奇案之吸血贵利王[限制級](AVI@2空@中英字)

AKA: Xiang Gang qi an: Zhi xi xue gui li wang (1993)
Year: 1993
Directed: Bosco Lam Hing-Lung
Genre: Adult/Crime
Runtime 1:31:34
Country: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese
Subtitles: English/Chinese

Anthony Wong Chau-Sang
Ching Mai
William Ho Ka-Kui
Karel Wong Chi-Yeung
Hui Pui
Lawrence Ng Kai-Wah
Dave Lam Jing
William Chu Wai-Lim
Lee Siu-Kei
Jue Gong
Sin Bo-Ming
Leung Kai-Chi
Chan Daat-Gong
Go Shut-Fung
Radium Cheungl

Ming (nicknamed Marshmallow) is a pretty ordinary truck driver with a pretty wife Kitty and a charmingly loudmouthed young son Tak. Ming thinks his main troubles are 1) premature ejaculation (which he spends much time and energy fixing) and 2) a just-released murderer moving in next door. But the real problem starts when Kitty meets into an old flame from school, Canner, a triad thug. Canner talks the gullible Kitty into investing in the stock market on margin and, when this fails, arranges a usurious loan to her by his brother Chao, who is the title character. Kitty doesn’t want her husband to find out and, when she can’t pay, Canner slips her an incredibly fast-acting aphrodisiac, the film gets its Category III rating, and Kitty gets dragged into whoring. Ming discovers this only when his trucking friend confesses to being one of Kitty’s clients. Kitty is also drawn into helping Chao kidnap Ming’s sister Chi Kwan. Ming tries to buy Chao off, then crawls to him, but Chao is typical loud-laughing boastful HK movie villain, and he’ll have none of it. Chao’s boys, led by Canner, set Ming’s flat on fire. As a result, one of Ming’s family is burned to death, while the other is saved by the murderer next door. This finally turns Ming
from an ordinary coward into a crazed vengeful maniac, and the murderer next door gives him more than able assistance.

片    名:香港奇案之吸血贵利王
年  代: 1994
地  区: 香港
格    式: AVI
大    小: 709M
片  长: 01:35:55
色  彩: 彩色
语  言: 国语
字  幕: 中英文
导  演: 林庆隆
编  剧: 王晶
类  型: 喜剧   情色
别  名: 肉體武器(台湾)
主要演员: 张耀扬 黄秋生 吴启华 何家驹 程迷 许倍
安份守己的货柜车司机唐志明满以为迁进公共屋村之后,便可安居乐业,孰料这却是可怕恶梦的开始。装修期间,黑社会背景的承建商前来勒索恐吓,幸得妻子珍昔 日情人「罐头刀」出面,事件入能平息。珍在刀的慫恿下炒外匯,豈料虧了大本,欠下巨債…..志明一家從此陷入惡夢之中……


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