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Vixen Dropouts 辍学泼妇[日本限制級]([email protected]空@英字)

英文名:Vixen Dropouts (2006)
原名:くノ一忍法伝 巫女道隠密修行 -女淫情艶抄- (2002)
Director: Mineko Takeuchi
内容:情色 /忍术
Cast: Nozomi Fujikawa – Miyu Inaba – Airi Miyazawa – Yuka Nakatani – masara – Akane Yamaguchi – Hiromasa Takagi – Kouji Sorata – Takashi Taniguchi
Running Time: 70 mins.

The hottest girls from Japan in a seductive new comedy!
Becoming a ninja vixen means strict discipline and hard work. But members of the N-Class haven’t got what it takes. One cadet is aroused all the time, one is mistaken for a man, one can’t stop eating – these girls aren’t even the best of the worst. That is, until their sexy classmate is brutally attacked. The misfits of N-Class have to act with all the sensual power at their command to save their teammate and restore honor to their class! Action and comedy meet sex appeal in this steamy samurai romp.

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