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Web of Passion 激情之网[日本限制級](AVI@2空@英字)

英文名:Web of Passion (2006)
原名:くノ一忍法伝 妖獣雷光 -女陰薄愛抄- (2002)
内容:情色 /忍术
Director: Hitoshi Yuho
Cast: Toko Ushikawa – Miho Munakata – Minori Kousaki – Takayuki Yoshizaki – Seiji Kobe – Kenji Tominaga – Miyuki Matsuyama – Miyu Inaba – Kenji Arai – Zico Uchiyama
Running Time: 86 mins.
Nothing escapes from her web of seduction!
When a lord’s secret ninjitsu scroll is stolen, it falls to sexy Shadow and cute Mirage to retrieve the heirloom that protects the clan from evil. Joining them on their quest is the money-hungry and alluring Miracle, whose beauty and rogue ninja ways cause things to heat up among the voluptuous warriors. They must learn to work together against the mysterious enemy’s demonic spells – and when Mirage is captured and bound by a monstrous and seductive spider woman, the ninja vixens face their most arousing adventure ever!

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