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Forbidden Tales of Two Cities 港澳传奇

Title: Forbidden Tales of Two Cities
HK Title: Gong Ngo Chuen Kei
Country: Hong Kong
Year: 1975
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Director and Writer: Li Han Hsiang
Cast: Hu Chin, Tien Ni, Ku Feng, Chan Ping, Wong Hap, Sek Sau…
Producer: Sir Run Run Shaw
Production: Shaw Brothers
Runtime: 107 min.
Audio: Mandarin
Subtitles: Chinese/English idx/sub

Li Han-hsiang, one of the most experienced and respected filmmakers in Hong Kong, wrote and directed this charming and fascinating comedy of amorous complications and modern morals in the very middle of his forty year career. The two cities are Macau, where a love quartet is the source for sexy merriment, and Hong Kong, where a gambler tells a charming woman why there are four shackles hanging from his apartment ceiling!

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