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The Perverse Countess 堕落的伯爵夫人[法国限制級]([email protected]空@英字)

Title: The Perverse Countess
AKA: Countess Perverse
Year: 1974
Original title: La comtesse perverse
Runtime: 01:36:43 (23 minutes longer racier version)
Country: France
Language: French
Subtitles: English | German (.mkv selectable)
Genre: Horror | Thriller

Director: Jesús Franco

Alice Arno … Countess Ivanna Zaroff
Howard Vernon … Count Rabor Zaroff
Kali Hansa … Kali
Lina Romay … Silvia Aguado
Tania Busselier … Moira
Robert Woods … Tom / Bob Nubarre
Caroline Rivière … Carole
Monica Swinn … Prisoner
Pierre Taylou … The Tied Man
Pamela Stanford … Prisoner

Plot / Synopsis
Two wealthy aristocrats lure a virginal girl to a Spanish island for a night of sex, death and cannibalism.

User’s Review
One of the most popular and copied movies of all time, The Most Dangerous Game, gets a erotic remake by sleaze director Jess Franco. The idea sounds very daring and dangerous, but thankfully, The Perverse Countess is a complete winner! From the very hot girls on display (Lina Romay is pretty much naked through the whole movie… Shocking I know!) to the exciting horror elements, this one is a stylish masterpiece of the genre. The camera moves are pretty wild, and the locations are beautiful. The music score is very nice to listen at first also (although it gets a bit repetitive by the end…) The cast is pretty damn awesome also, full of Franco regulars. As the rich owners of the island where the game is played, Alice Arno shines in the role of the evil countess, while Howard Vernon plays her husband, in his usual charming self. The impossibly gorgeous Lina Romay plays the latter victim of the eccentric couple, while Tania Busselier from Ilsa: The Wicked Warden shows up to get naked somewhere.
Very recommended movie, as it’s one of Franco’s absolute best.

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