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Slave City 奴隶市[日本限制級]([email protected]空@无字)

英文名:Slave City
Directed by: Aizen & Kyoko 愛染恭子
Stars: Yuma Asami, Kawase Yota
Release Date: 15 Mar 2013
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: None ATM

A couple engaged in love with vanilla sex is Toshie (Yuma Asami) of his wife and Ito (Kawase Yota) to cut and fill the hot spring inn well-established. However, the gear of two people begin large deviation in the wake of the encounter with the owner, Kito (new store Toshimasa) of the SM magazine. Every night, aroused as masochist the Toshie it by force Kito to hold the shame the “slave market” is, -! Full movie six master Dan demon, the “End-perversion one generation girl – Journey’s” functional last novel! Eros Director Aizen & Kyoko-starring Yuma Asami, the ultimate is born here!

老舗の温泉旅館を切り盛りする伊藤(川瀬陽太)とその妻の敏江(麻美ゆま)はノーマルなセックスで愛を営む夫婦。しかし、SM雑誌のオーナー・鬼頭(新納 敏正)との出会いをきっかけに二人の歯車が大きく狂い始める。夜毎、恥辱の“奴隷市”を開催する鬼頭は、力づくで敏江をマゾヒストとして覚醒させ――! 巨匠・団鬼六、最後の官能小説「旅路の果て~倒錯一代女~」を完全映画化! 監督・愛染恭子&主演・麻美ゆま、究極のエロスがここに誕生!

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