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Beauty Wars 美女战争[2013韩国限制級](高清MP4@2空@无字)

Title: Beauty Wars
Hangul: 미녀전쟁
Release Date: 2013/12/19
Director: Lim Jin-seung (임진승)
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 78 min.
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Subtitles: None ATM

Hwang Seon-hwa (황선화)
Lee Eun-mi-I (이은미)
Ryoo Ah-jin (류아진)
Park Ha-neul (박하늘)
Kim Dong-gon (김동곤)
Han Kook-jin (한국진)

High school friends Joo-yeon, So-jin, Hyeon-mi and Seon-hee have been close since they were young but don’t pour their hearts out to each other. Joo-yeon is an office girl, So-jin has been taking the bar exam for 4 years, Hyeon-mi was born to be solo and Seon-hee who is out of reach one day receive a picture of a rose and get together for the first time in a while. They say the plates break when three girls gather at once. Seon-hee isn’t there yet but Joo-yeon, So-jin and Hyeon-mi released the vanity they’d kept inside for so long…
Is there no end to women’s gossip? Then they start talking about Seon-hee who isn’t there yet. She was always isolated from everyone because she was uglier. No one knew what had happened to her for a while and she couldn’t be contacted. Then a completely different Seon-hee appeared in front of them. She’s prepared an extremely strong punch for them. What is her vanity story going to be about?

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