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Let’s Go Hot Spring 温泉浴女[日本限制级](高清AVI@2空@韩字)

Let’s Go Hot Spring (2007)
Genre: Drama/Romance
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Runtime: 75 min
Director: Yamauchi Daisuke
Movie Cast: Mai Hanano, Yuki Takarabe

Rinko inherits the woman parents’ general population bath after the woman mom and dad passed on. The lady starts to manage the company by using a classic in addition to encountered member of staff – Mister. woods. Acquire, who’s worked for a long time while during the general population bathroom given that Rinko’s grandparents placed. However, this standard open community bathtub is not really valuable in this particular different hundred years. So as to address this kind of heading downward predicament, Rinko thinks of some sort of “Bikini Body system Wash Service” but… Nao performs to be a part-time outflow woman at “Matsunoyu”. Your lover suffers from Akira and also declines motivated by him. At this point, Rinkyo, Acquire, Nao and also Akira perform their utmost to get additional buyers the general open bathtub. Meanwhile, Kazaki who had the matter along together using Rinko several years in the past arises to confront the woman’s.

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