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Mirror Images 鏡中佳人[美國限制級](AVI@2空@中字)

【影片片名】:鏡中佳人 Mirror Images [中文字幕]
【平均評價】:★★★★☆→4.2 顆星.  (IMDb評價)
【影片大小】:1.26 GB
【影片格式】:AVI  (D9→轉制AVI)
【影片尺度】:三級   (USA 18禁)
【主要演員】:Delia Sheppard, Jeff Conaway, Richard Arbolino, John O’Hurley, Korey Mall, Julie Strain, Nels Van Patten, Michael John Meyer, George ‘Buck’ Flower, Dominique Simone, Lee Anne Beaman, Andre Rosey Brown, Kelly Royce, Janie Wilson,  Sergio Salerno.     等.
【語種發音】:英語發音. 簡體中文字幕.
【影片內容】:時裝.成人.劇情.情色.浪漫.偷情.犯罪.動作.  等.


傑夫因幫助卡特沙勒競選州長而冷落太太凱莉,凱莉不甘寂寞時常外出和男人約會,某次竟遭毒犯用毒品迷昏加以強暴,隔天傑夫的女秘書婭娜死於非命,但凱莉 知道是遭卡特沙勒害死而假裝妹妹香儂誘騙傑夫取得證據,劇中離奇關係,牽扯到的人有 毒犯、州長、夫妻、女秘書、雙胞胎姊妹、警官。


A beautiful redhead beauty, named Kaitlin, seeking to get away from her boring wealthy life and her uncommunicative husband Jeffrey, assumes the identity of her outgoing, blond, identical twin sister, Shauna, when she leaves town and Kaitlin soon becomes embroiled with a psychotic serial killer whom is stalking Shauna……

【User Reviews】:

Jeff Conaway is a long way from his TAXI and GREASE days but he is the best thing about this slow-moving erotic thriller which features pretty decent sex scenes. Hippolyte was on a role in the early 1990s with his chain of erotic thrillers featuring more dialogue scenes and non-penetration sex scenes to disguise the pornographic tones that he would normally suggest as Gregory Dark. Nonetheless, this one is probably the best of his series. And don’t forget to watch Dick Van Patten’s son, Nels, embarass his father by repeatedly ordering Delia Shepperd to “Say my name! Say my name!!”

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