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Allyson Is Watching (1997)

Title:Allyson Is Watching
Year: (1997)
Name: Allison watches
Original name: Allyson Is Watching
Year: 1997
Country: United States
Length: 1:36:06
Format: AVI
Size: 1324MB
Genre: Erotica, Drama, Thriller
Directed by: Robert Kubilos
Starring: Caroline Ambrose, James Horan, David Endriol, Jack DeLeon, Sean Thibodeau, Jennifer Hammon, Barbara Morrison

About movie:
Allison dreams of becoming an actress. But the role of a prostitute, which she offers a teacher in a small stage performance skills, it seems it is too complicated. How is shy and constrained the girl to cope with this difficult task!
However, if you watch through the keyhole of the work of this prostitute Bridget, you can learn a lot. But sometimes, peeping, you can unwittingly become a witness to the bloody murders.

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