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A l’aventure (2008)

Title: A l’aventure
Also Known As: Gefallene Engel – Heimliche Spiele 3
Year: 2008
Directed by: Jean-Claude Brisseau
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 104 min
Country: France
Language: French
Subtitles: Chinese (.srt) | English (.srt)


Carole Brana  …  Sandrine
Arnaud Binard  …  Greg
Nadia Chibani  …  Mina
Lise Bellynck  …  Sophie
Etienne Chicot  …  L’homme sur le banc
Estelle Galarme  …  Francoise
Frédéric Aspisi  …  Jérome
Jocelyn Quivrin  …  Fred
Michèle Larue  …  La mère de Sandrine


French filmmaker Jean-Claude Brisseau once again explores the nexus of the body, the mind and the soul in this sensual drama. Sandrine (Carole Brana) has become vaguely dissatisfied with her life, but isn’t fully aware of the depth of her ennui until she strikes up a conversation with stranger in the park who discusses his philosophy of the emotional dead end that traps so many in this day and age. Newly aware of the rut she’s fallen in, Sandrine leaves behind her job and an unfulfilling relationship with her boyfriend before encountering Greg (Arnaud Binard), a psychiatrist who is an advocate of hypnotic therapy. Sandrine allows Greg to use his techniques to help her tap into the depth of her erotic desires, and when she meets Sophie (Lise Bellynck), Greg’s former lover who is willing to share tales of her own sexual explorations, Sandrine embarks on an odyssey to embrace the outer limits of her carnal imagination. A L’aventure was the third film in a trilogy of erotic tales from Jean-Claude Brisseau, following Les Anges Exteminateurs (aka The Exterminating Angels) and Choses Secretes (aka Secret Things).

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