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Madame Bamboo (1991)

Madame Bamboo
Starring        Pal Sin, Lam Hei Sin,
Cheun Wong, Ko Sou
Ching, Lee Sin Oi
Director        Li Han Chiang
Year                1991
Running Time 106 Minutes
Genre        Adult
Version          Hong Kong Category III

File size          986 MB
Subtile              English

In this erotic drama, two women, each sold into prostitution, tell their love stories, both painful and stimulating. In one story, a husband seeks revenge on his wife for her extramarital affair. In the other, a lovely young girl must marry an eight-year old boy. On her wedding night, her lover saves her. Can they escape her fate? Please note that mature content makes this program inappropriate for children.

两位青楼女子,道尽多少风流辛酸泪。一个红杏出墙,春心荡漾,心痒难抵,与铁匠夜夜共渡云雨,终被丈夫发现,把她卖入青楼。另一个芳华正茂,却被迫嫁给 8岁少爷。洞房之夜。其爱郎偷入洞房,挟持少爷,并与她不分昼夜的作乐。在官差破门时二人依然不顾一切,在刀刃下翻云覆雨,尽情淫乐……

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