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Desirable Taste (2014)

Title: Desirable Taste
AKA: Insupportable
Original Title: 그 참을 수 없는 맛 (geu cham-eul soo eobs-neun mas)
Genre: Erotic, Thriller
Release Date: 2014/07/09
Runtime: 74min
Director: Lee Ji-hyeong-I (이지형)
Link: Hancinema
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Subtitles: No Subtitles

Jo Moon-joo (조문주)
Kim Seon-wool (김선울)
Gwang Tae (광태)
Nam Ji-hye (남지혜)

A man and a woman give up themselves to desire and don’t fear anything!
Hyeon-ho is a taxi driver who is chased down by loansharks and has been abandoned by his wife and child, so he decides to commit suicide. A free-minded soul named Min-kyeong coincidentally gets in his taxi and changes his mind. They share love in the taxi. Min-kyeong actually has a husband who has delusional jealousy and abuses her physically and sexually. She senses humanity in Hyeon-ho and they decide to run away…

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