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Joven & Alocada (2012)

Title: Joven y Alocada / Young & Wild
Street Date: 2012
Category: Erotic Drama
Duration: 01;31;11
Country: Chile
Video: DVDRip, AVI
Size: 1.37 Gb
Director: Marialy Rivas
Starring: Alicia Rodriguez, Aline Kuppenheim, Maria Gracia Omegna

17 year old Daniela, raised in the bosom of a strict Evangelical family, she is obsessed with sex. Her school routine adorns small scandal: on the eve of final exams Daniela seduces a classmate and have to say goodbye baptist school early. Daniela has a boyfriend, she’s in love with a girl to work in television. About their sexual experiences Daniela regularly tells the world through the blog, carefully attend church on Sundays and pray that the mother accidentally tracked it on the Internet. Rebellious by nature, Daniela, refusing to hold back at least some desire, trying to find his “righteous” path.

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