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Cindy’s Love Games / Amanti Miei (1979)

Title: Amanti Miei / Cindy’s Love Games
Street Date: 1979
Category: Erotic Drama
Video: DVDRip, MKV
Size: 1.01 Gb
Duration: 01;28;58
Country: Italy
Languages: Italian
Subtitles: English (embedded)
Director: Aldo Grimaldi
Starring: Cindy Leadbetter, Vassili Karis, Annamaria Clementi

Cindy finds her fiancee Sergio in bed with a young hitch-hiker and discovers that he has been unfaithful with other women too. She takes her revenge by shying away from Sergio for a day, and has three different sexual encounters including a hot threesome with Stephen and his Brazilian girlfriend…

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