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Three Sexy Girls in Tirol (1977)

Title: Three Sexy Girls in Tirol
Year: 1977
Original title: Drei Schwedinnen in Oberbayern
Runtime: 1 hour 29 minutes
Country: West Germany
Language: German
Subtitles: English (.embeded)
Genre: Comedy

Director:  Sigi Rothemund


Gianni Garko … Otto Gruber
Alexander Grill … Alois
Beate Hasenau … Olga Gruber
Inge Fock   … Birgit
Anika Egger … Ulla
Ann Lündell   … Vivi
Herbert Fux   … Pfarrer
Rosl Mayr   … Josefa
Willy Harlander … 1. Bayer
Peter Traxler   … Ehemann
Wolfgang Katzer … Max
Walter Klinger … Toni
Herta Worell … Ehefrau
Werner Röglin … Tierarzt Schorschi
Renate Hess … Isolde

Plot / Synopsis

Otto runs a hotel for tourists in Tyrolia but has troubles both with the economy and with his wife Olga. After a trip to Stockholm he imports three Swedish blondes who eventually save Otto from disaster, both marital and financial.

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