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Hell in a Bottle (1986)

Title: Hell in a Bottle
Year: 1986
Original title: Binzume jigoku
Runtime: 72 minutes
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: None
Genre: -Erotic

Director: Yoshihiro Kawasaki

Chiyoko Ogura … Megumi Shimada
Minako Ogawa … Yoshiko Tamura
Hitomi Kobayashi … Ayako
Eimei Esumi … Shinji Shimada
Jun Numaoka … Hirokazu Shimada
Kenji Omata … Tarô Ichikawa

Plot / Synopsis
After the death of their father, a brother and his sister return to their family home on a secluded island. They are accompanied by the brother’s girlfriend. Problems arise when it becomes obvious that the two siblings have carnal desires for each other as well.

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