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Cheong Ah (2010)

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Title: A Fresh Girl
Hangul: 청아
Genre: Drama
Format : MP4
Director: Kim Jeong-ho-I (김정호)
Release Date: 2014/09/25
Runtime: 91 min
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea
Subtitles: None ATM

Kim Se-in 김세인
Bang Seong-ho 방성호
Jo Byeong-gi 조병기
Eom Choon-bae 엄춘배
Chae Eun-joo 채은주 as Jewelry store employee (귀금속 종업원)
Kang Byeong-jin 강병진 as Butcher (정육점 주인)

Cheong-ah throws herself in the desires of grown ups for the sake of her disabled father.
For her disabled father and to protect her family which is on the verge of breaking up, high school teen Cheong-ah maintains life by working at a gas station. The owner of the gas station Dong-pal pretends to comfort her, but in the end his desires overwhelm him and uses money to take away her virginity. Dong-pal starts obssessing with her in the name of love and from then onwards, Cheong-ah abandons herself and throws her physical self out there. Then one day, San-hae, the owner of a medium-sized business who parted with his family and lived a lonely life, sees Cheong-ah sitting under a lamp post with a blue rose in her hands. A strange emotion sweeps over him…

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