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Legends of Lust (1972)

Legends of Lust (1972)
Also known as: Feng yue qi tan

Year: 1972
Country: Hong Kong
Director: Li Han Hsiang
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Erotica
Runtime: 98 min
Language: Mandarin
Subtitles: English (srt)
iMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0068840/

Cast:   Chung Wa (Tsung Hua)  ||  Wong Hap (Wang Hsia)  ||  Booi Dai (Betty Pei Ti)  ||  Lau Ng Kei (Liu Wu Chi)  ||  Lau Dan (Liu Tan)  ||  Lee Wan Chung  ||  Chiang Nan  ||  Ha Man  ||  Tin Ching  ||  Wong Sam  ||  Lam Wai Tiu  ||  Kong Ling  ||  Lee Kwan  ||  Wang Han Chen  ||  Liu Wai  ||  Wang Lai  ||  Cheng Miu

With “Legends Of Lust”, a trilogy of bizarre, carnal bedtime stories, director Li Han-Hsiang pushes seals and labels the envelope “warning: not for the faint of heart”. These women aren’t out to save the country but have sex because they’re either sexual objects for men (busty Bei Di in ‘The Immoral Spouse’) or they love sex (like hardcore newcomer Liu Wu-Chi in ‘The Child Groom’ and the fantasy fulfilling Hsia Wen in ‘The Cuckold’).

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