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Lady Black Rose (1978)

Lady Black Rose (1978)
Director: Shogoro Nishimura
Starring: Naomi Tani, Minoru Okochi

Also Known As: Gensaku · Dan Oniroku: Kurobara fujin, Kurobara fujin
Country: Japan
Genre: Erotica
Quality: DVDRip
Language: Original
Size: 700 MiB

Saori is the wealthy, unfaithful wife of the impotent Kosaku. When she returns from a trip abroad, Tsumura, Kosaku’s assistant, meets her and takes Saori to an apartment. There Tsumura rapes her and submits her to various sexual tortures while she is photographed by photo-journalist Tayama. Her husband, Kosaku uses the photographs to blackmail Saori into giving him control of the family estate. Saori is returned to her mansion, but kept in a cage in the basement where she is subjected to regular bouts of abuse from Tsumura. Besides rape, other indignities endured by Lady Saori include breast bondage, enemas and the insertion of hen’s eggs into her vagina. After Kosaku dies from a stroke, Saori realizes that she has come to enjoy Tsumura’s treatment.

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