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Minor Club (2014)

未成年人俱乐部 마이너클럽 (2014)

导演: Lee Won-woo (이원우)
主演: 최홍준 /徐英 Seo Yeong (서영) /Yoo Jae-myeong (유재명)
类型: 剧情/情色
制片国家/地区: 韩国
语言: 韩语
上映日期: 2014-11-27
片长: 95分钟
又名: minorclub

Dont even end up wandering the end!

Hale and toured the Hongdae club and flirt with girls is hanryang. Married woman touching a redneck to the club
Discarded beaten. Min-hee that they seek a tsunami crashing her home series with the lake next to the tsunami
Has collapsed.

Inevitably Min-hee is placed down the three men go to work all over the house. Aroused from sleep tsunami, lakes, each installment is bojiman first
Meet in a new house goes on gamyeo set the record straight laced together. Youth of the youth. Bojiman first tsunami, series, Min-hee, Abby,
The lake is only a midnight snack and drink at night, starting, song, sex, and ending up fighting all the scattered.

After the tsunami to break Min-hee and arguing, the lake is to help get my sister to multiple friends, but look good
Rejected. Series has unfortunately been kidnapped by Thugs in, Abby five-year-old son, who was leaving the demonstration Min-hee,
One night to go to Hongdae club wants to play like before.

The Joker is clear the master DJ’s Hongdae Club collects attract their colleagues to take up the club. In the process,
Kidnap a DJ favorite series, and this club jukdolyi tsunami laced As the war unfolds in the dreams of youth bout.

The tsunami can see the past and future do guhalkka the series? Abby and Abby Min-hee could find cute son?
The lake is do some revenge for my sister? Is money a reality of the dream Joker dream? Is it lonely?

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