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Intime Stunden auf der Schulbank (1981)

Intime Stunden auf der Schulbank (1981)
Country: West Germany
Genre: Erotic, Comedy
Duration: 01:15:24
Translation: German
Quality: DVDRip
Format: AVI
Size: 900 MB
Director: Jürgen Enz
Starring: Christa Ludwig , Christine Krenner , Peter Steiner , Ralph Wieck , Margitta Hofer , Peter Steiner Jr. , Carola Reyen , Eleonore Melzer , Mandy Atighi , Angelika Reschner , Lucilla Baroni , Franjo Marincic , Evelyn Pascal , Beatrice Paulik , Mario Pollak

Intime Stunden auf der Schulbank is yet another German softcore comedy, a little more explicit than most. Actually, I had trouble finding scenes without any naked flesh in order to diversify the screenshots. The short running time suggests that there must be a hardcore version somewhere but, although there are a few flaccid male organs on display, this is strictly softcore.

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